Special Topics & Reviews in Porous Media- An International Journal

Volume 1, Number 1



Key Issues to Enable High Heat Flux Removal Exceeding 10MW/m2 by Use of Metal Porous Media as a

Latent Heat-Transfer Device

K. Yuki, H. Hashizume, & S. Toda


Thermohydrodynamic Instability of Viscous Rotating Dielectric Fluid Layer in Porous Medium with

Vertical AC Electric Field Supercritical Airfoils at High Subsonic Speeds

M.F. El-Sayed


Study on the Longitudinal Gas Permeability of Juvenile Wood and Mature Wood

H.R. Taghiyari, A.-N. Karimi, D. Parsapajouh, & K. Pourtahmasi


Wettability Effects in Gas Gravity―Assisted Flow as Related to Displacement Instability

B. Rostami, R. Kharrat, V. Alipour Tabrizy, M. Khosravi, & C. Ghotbi


Theory, Method, and Application of a Numerical Simulation in an Oil Resources Basin Methods of

Numerical Solutions of Aerodynamic Problems

Y.-R. Yuan, W.-G. Wang, & Y.-J. Han


On Flexural Vibrations of Poroelastic Circular Cylindrical Shells Immersed in an Acoustic Medium

S. A. Shah & M. Tajuddin


Reconciliation of Packed Column Permeability Data―Part 1. The Teaching of Giddings Revisited


H. M. Quinn