Heat and Mass Transfer Lab


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Porous medium

Dr. Vafai's group has worked on many different areas such as Multiphase Transport, Porous Media (considered by many scholars as the platinum standard for research in this area), Innovative Heat Pipes (established for the first time by our group), Electronic Cooling (with various first time innovations in the literature), Innovative Microchannels (established for the very first time in the literature), Innovative Biosensors (first time innovations for generating the highest detection while almost eliminating the noise), Aircraft Brake Systems (first time innovations in the industry), Innovations in nanofluid applications, Biomedical Advances (first time innovations), PCR and DNA Amplification (first time innovation for maximizing the DNA amplification),  Land Mine Detection, BNCT Systems, DW MRI Enhanced Simulations, Innovative High Heat Flux and Thermal and Fluid Flow Regulations and Control, Discovery of totally New Set of Fluid Flow Instabilities for the very first time, etc.