List of Patents


  • Thermal Management of Three-Dimensional Integrated Circuits

           US Patent #11,710,723 

           Inventors: K. Vafai, A. Tavakoli and M.R. Salimpour


  • Method and System for Thermal Stimulation of Targeted Neural Circuits for Neurogenerative Disorders

           US patent #11,147,982 

           Inventors: K. Vafai and E. Kosari


  • Rapid Microfluidic Thermal Cycler for Nucleic Acid amplification 

           US Patent # 9,170,060

          Inventors: N. R. Beer and K. Vafai


  • Minimizing Flow Disturbances in Fluidic Cells Using Soft Seals 

           US Patent #8,814,057

          Inventors: Kambiz Vafai and A.R.A. Khaled


  • Enhancing Insulating Properties at Higher Temperature Utilizing Soft Seals 

           US Patent #8,174,461

          Inventors: Kambiz Vafai and A.R.A. Khaled


  • Control of Flow Rate and Thermal Conditions Using Two-Layered Thin Films Separated by Flexible Seals and Rotatable Pivot 

           US Patent # 8,690,073

          Inventors: Kambiz Vafai and A.R.A. Khaled


  • Cooling Enhancements in Thin Films Using Flexible Complex Seal due to Temperature Increase or Thermal Load Increase 

           US Patent # 8,684,274

          Inventors: Kambiz Vafai and A.R.A. Khaled


  • Smart Passive Thermal Devices and Methods 

           US Patent # 8,684,275

          Inventors: Kambiz Vafai and A.R.A. Khaled


  • Thin Film Based Microfluidic Devices 

           US Patent # 8,172,156

          Inventors: Kambiz Vafai and A.R.A. Khaled


  • Methods and Devices Comprising Flexible Seals, Flexible Microchannels, or Both for Modulating or Controlling Flow and Heat 

           US Patent # 7,770,809

          Inventors: Kambiz Vafai and A.R.A. Khaled


  • Innovative Biosensors for Chemical and Biological Assays 

           US Patent # 7,695,951

          Inventors: Kambiz Vafai and A.R.A. Khaled


  • Cooling Enhancements and Control of Flow and Thermal Conditions In Thin Films Supported By Flexible Complex Seals: Applications To Electronic Cooling, Biotechnology, And Internal Combustion 

           US Patent # 7, 654,468

          Inventors: Kambiz Vafai and A.R.A. Khaled


  • Microcantilevers for Biological and Chemical Assays and Methods of Making and Using Thereof

          US Patent # 7,288,404

          Inventors: K. Vafai, C. Ozkan, R. Haddon, A.R.A. Khaled, and M. Yang


  • Multi-Layered Micro-Channel Heat Sink, Devices and Systems Incorporating Same

           US Patent # 6,675,875

          Inventors: Kambiz Vafai and Lu Zhu


  • Two-Layered Micro-Channel Heat Sink, Devices and Systems Incorporating Same

           US Patent # 6,457,515

           Inventors: Kambiz Vafai and Lu Zhu